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Mostafa Masoumi was born in Tehran in 1964. 

His curiosity to art and human abilities to create art aroused him to study in Tehran Technical Art School. Several years after graduation he started to learn Miniature, Calligraphy and Moaraq (Iranian Style Marquetry). His interest and talent in Moaraq, made him one of the most prominent artists in this field. Most of his artworks are inspired by genuine Iranian miniature.His technique in proper and right usage of wood and other material such as; Copper, Khaatam (special veneer) and, Pearl Shell for coloration of Moaraq, place his artworks in distinctive level.  

He launched his own workshop and gallery in 1989 and since then he has taught to many students who’ve been interested in Moaraq. He has been also working on mending and renovating of old and antique wooden artworks beside Moaraq. In 1998 he was invited as a master to teach Moaraq art in Bahman Cultural Academy in Tehran.

His artworks are exhibited in many art galleries in Iran and other countries.


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