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Marquetry,also known as Moaraq is derived from intarsia or inlay. Marquetry is the art form used in making pictures and designs with thin slices of an immense variety of colored and textured wood, glass, shell, and other materials. It is an ancient technique for decorating the surfaces of furniture, as well as a versatile means of creative expression. The marqueter makes complex pictures by carefully cutting different veneers of wood into various shapes. These precisely cut pieces are glued into a solid stable surface. The finished product or picture is sanded and then polished.  

Hundreds of years ago, Persians and Egyptians decorated many pieces of their woodwork with inlay. In fact, some of the material recovered from Egyptian tombs such as chests, coffers, and other furniture were completely covered with inlay. tiles, ivory, gold and precious stones are just a few of the wonderfully decorative pieces used in the design of this form of Art to signify special prestigious and ritual importance.

In Persia, India and China the marqueter created many decorative pieces. From inlay picture designs to complex wood technique set into wood and tile mosaics on walls and furniture. All were simply beautiful and breathtaking. Most of the Artworks are so beautifully made that one might think that the figures and the shapes are painted.

In Iran, Moaraq (Marquetry) is mostly inspired through miniature and arabesque (Tazhib) sketches. All painting details on miniature are performed fascinatingly through cutting wood layers by micro saw blade.

This web site is introducing some of Mostafa Masoumiís artworks.



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